tokyu hands cat cafe ikebukuro

Nekebukuro Cat Cafe ikebukuro

Nekobukuro Cat’s House- the Cat Cafe Ikebukuro

Located one staircase walk up from the 7th floor of the Tokyu Hands Ikebukuro building, a short walking distance from Sunshine City, Nekobukuro is a cat’s house – a place to visit and spend time with cats. There’s approximately 20 cats of different breeds in the Cat House at any one time, and they are free to roam and jump and sit on visitor laps for a pat!
The Cat House (or as most people refer to it, the Cat Cafe Ikebukuro) is styled inside to resemble a train station. There are boxes and shelves on the walls, and cat furniture abounds. You’ll definitely spot a napping cat or two.
We heard that Nekobukuro Cat Cafe Ikebukuro attracts over 400 visitors each weekend. Wow. It’s less busy on weekdays, with most visitors being office workers or Tokyu Hands shoppers who come to say hi to these feline friends. Most Japanese visitors do so because they are unable to keep cats themselves and this gives them the opportunity to spend time with their favourite animal, cuddling or patting them. There is an entry fee at the door however no time limit on your stay once you’ve paid.
cat cafe ikebukuro follow the signs

Follow the Cat Prints up the stairs…

Lining the wall of the upper staircase, you’ll see framed photographs of the cats currently residing at the Cat Cafe Ikebukuro. (That’s such a misnomer as this place is NOT a cafe at all, but serves the same purpose without the added cost of food or drink.)
cat cafe ikebukuro wall display 
cat cafe ikebukuro signage
Nekebukuro Cat Cafe ikebukuro
Nekebukuro Cat Cafe ikebukuro

Buy Up Big for your Feline Friend!

When you’ve finished with the cats, you can head back out into the Pet Supplies store. I guarantee you’ve never seen anything like this yet. It’s a shop filled with everything a cat could possibly need, plus a few supplies for dogs, birds and other pets too. (But mostly cats!)  There are lots of cat toys, bedding, carry baskets, soft cuddly dolls, cat prams, and even dress up costumes! If you visit in lead up to Halloween, you’ll see an even bigger range of dress ups including whole outfits, headbands, necklaces, hats, and suits. It’s super cute, if not a little creepy!

It’s fun to look around and see what else the Japanese cat lovers get up to!

cat cafe ikebukuro shop aisles
cat cafe ikebukuro themed costumes
cat cafe ikebukuro cat prams

The Inside Scoop

cat cafe ikebukuro entry fees

Opening Hours & Entry Fees


  • 11am to 8pm daily with rest breaks (closed to the public) throughout the day for the cats.
  • 8th Floor.
  • Entry is ¥600 yen for adults and ¥400 yen for children over 2.


  • Phone: 03 3980 6111 (Tokyu Hands)
  • Tokyu Hands Website – Check here to find out What’s On in the Seasonal Event Space.

Travel options

  • Nearest station to the Cat Cafe Ikebukuro at Tokyu Hands – 7 minutes on foot from East Exit of Ikebukuro Station

Location and Map

  • Address: 1-28-10 Higashi Ikebukuro Toshima-ku Tokyo 170-0013



Toadstool Rating by the Kids

Grandma Angie and I thought it was a hoot but cats make me sneeze!  Kids and Parents who are Cat lovers will love it (and rate it a 5!) If you are in Sunshine City for the day, it’s definitely worth a stop off.

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