Best Sushi Brisbane? Family Fun & Delicious Sushi for everyone at Sushi Edo Brisbane

Ordering by ipad is one reason why we think Sushi Edo is the best sushi Brisbane has to offer. It certainly makes the whole experience even more SUPER DOOPER FUN for kids!
Finding food that the kids will eat is a priority when you are out and about. We abhor throwing good money into the bin so there’s nothing worse than buying food that the kids don’t like, or won’t try, especially when these dollars could be put to good use on an entry fee somewhere, or an activity somewhere else.
It’s also a balance of trusting and eating the familiar, and stretching their palates a little – this is ultimately the whole purpose of new life experiences and adventures, to encourage them to dive deep and have a go!
tuna sushi edo best sushi brisbane

Best Sushi Brisbane has just got better with ordering by IPAD!

For many suburban, urban and city kids in Australia, sushi is now quite de rigueur and not the exotic novelty it once was. (That said, the most popular sushi for kids is chicken & avocado, or tuna/tuna salad, so I’m not sure they are stretching that far yet.) But while eating sushi on the run (aka shopping centre sushi) or eating at a sushi-train might be commonplace, eating at a sushi train with an IPAD ORDERING SYSTEM is not!

The kids will LOVE this joint.

Best Sushi Brisbane? Try Sushi Edo. All the details via link. Visit for SUPER DOOPER FUN ideas for family-friendly travel and weekend adventures all over the world. Search by city. Rated by kids and our travelling gnome.

Best Sushi Brisbane CBD

While Sushi Edo Brisbane originated at Newmarket, the city hub located at 153 Elizabeth St in the CBD is where it is at for days or nights out with the kids in Brisbane. Yes, there’s a conveyor train that pulls delicious morsels on circular plates but even more enticing than that is scanning the entire menu on the ipad situated in front of you, and then being given the opportunity to press a button to order something. It’s just too cool for school.
It’s quick too, which for our family, roaming about the place with a 7 year old, a 2 year old toddler AND a gnome in tow, is VERY VERY important. Toddlers and gnomes are not known for their patience, one might say. All standard sushi and extras plates are priced at a flat rate of $3.50 a plate too, which helps with the budgeting.

sushi edo best sushi brisbane menu

But if you fancy trying something a little different, there are other options too – think udon noodles and sashimi platters. Even the ala carte options are reasonably priced though (salads up to $10, tempura and udon under $15 and sashimi from $8 up to $35 for a shared platter) , so you won’t have to smash open the piggy bank to come up with any extra loose change for this dinner. (See the menu above- any dish not included in the $3.50 is labelled with a price.) We love that all the meat, fish and vegetables are ordered fresh daily too, and it’s a healthy option for growing bodies.


chicken kaarage sushi edo best sushi brisbane


gyoza sushi edo best sushi brisbane


Try something new!

Thinking of giving your kids a little push to try something a little bit different, but not too far out of the question?  Our faves are (top) chicken kaarage – lightly fried and battered chicken pieces served with japanese mayo,  gyoza (above) – japanese steamed and lightly pan- fried dumplings filled with pork mince and vegetables, or Ned’s favourite – “inari” sushi, which is rice bundled inside a sweetish tofu casing.  (Inari means “carrying rice” or “rice load” in Japanese.)
inari sushi edo best sushi brisbane


Dessert Options

Then of course, there’s dessert. A variety of dessert plates travel the sushi-travelator circuit, making it kind of hard to say no. (Oh go on, twist my arm!)  This actually is the only time that the ipad ordering system is NOT so good.
desserts sushi edo best sushi brisbane
Have kids who want dessert? Try stopping them from pressing GO on a dessert order. Mmmm.  I dare say, dessert is almost a given here!   Luckily, dessert options range from japanese style cheesecake and brownies, to mochi (sweet rice balls- MY favourite thing ever!), japanese green tea icecream, or japanese-style butter pound cake with a scoop of the most deliciously textured vanilla ice-cream.

sushi edo staff


Yes, Sushi Edo Brisbane for the win! Follow them on Facebook to keep up to date with opening hours and specials.


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Roam the Gnome’s Toadstool Rating


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