Laundry in Bali – That magical scent. Is it Kispray?

What is that Bali smell that wafts its way into your nose when you open up a parcel of clean clothing? That divine fragrance that you just can’t get enough of. So good, you want to capture it and take it home.

That smell is the number one reason we have our clothes laundered in Bali. Quickly followed by the fact it saves me having to do it when I get home and want to pretend the family holiday hasn’t ended.

The smell is so good that everyone wants to know what it is. Some people swear on their life that it is the Kispray ironing aid, a Balinese laundry product used to smoothe, soften and freshen your clothes, like a “Wrinkle Relaxer”!  

Kispray – Four scents to tempt you

Kispray comes in four fragrances – Amoris (powdery floral scent), Bluis (a springtime refreshing scent), Violet (a sweet floral scent), Segeris (which smells like jasmine) and Glamorous Kispray Gold.  (Fancy!)
You can buy it in a spray bottle for about one dollar AUD, or stock up on sachet packs you can pop in your suitcase to keep you in supply for months to come. (Just add water).
rapika sweet pink

Or is it?

Other Bali regulars swear the smell is not Kispray at all, and say it’s either the Rapika ironing spray in the pink bottle with the fragrance ‘Sweet Pink’ or the Molto fabric softener (the light blue one preferably, but the dark blue and pink ones smell similar too.) If you do use Molto, add a small amount of this fabric softener to the final soak of your washing cycle. Molto is available in single use sachets or 300ml soft packs.  Buy both of these at Carrefour, Bintang Supermarket, Hardys, or Mataharis.

The verdict

I think the jury is out on this one. That means it’s up to you to buy a few of these ironing aid products (they are cheap – less than a few dollars each) and see which one takes YOU back to lovely Bali, the Island of the Gods.
For those addicted to the fresh Bali smell, you can also use Kispray and Rapika as a deodoriser on soft furnishings such as lounge suites, bedding, clothing and curtains, and as a room spray if you are so inclined. You can also spray a diluted solution of it on the washing just after you hang it on the line, and let it fragrance set in.
You can also try Snappy. Buy this at Anna’s Laundry in Legian.
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Where to Buy Kispray in Bali?

All of the big supermarkets stock it – try Carrefour on Sunset Road, Bintang Supermarket in Seminyak, Hardys in Kuta or Sanur, or Mataharis anywhere.

Where to Buy Kispray in Australia?

Run out of Kispray or Molto? Need to stock up back in Australia? It is possible. Visit  Bali Fresh.  Jaz, who is originally from Bali, but who now studies and lives in Sydney, will be more than happy to help you.
You can also buy direct from Fiona who sells ALL the favourite Bali products (including laundry products, Ellips hair oil, Bokashi oil, Autan insect repellent, and incense, from her shop, Kispray Kreative.


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