Kuta Shopping

$10 bucks for a hat and $8 for a t-shirt.

$12 bucks for a pair of knock-off sunglasses.

$10 for a top-of-the-range Captain America Fidget Spinner.

Cheap. Super cheap Kuta shopping.

Or maybe not.

Turns out, I paid quite a bit more than the ultra-super-savvy shoppers around me and was ripped off.

(Note to self – should have paid no more than $5 for the hat.)

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Kuta Shopping Price Guide

Have you ever done that? Paid more than the going price because you didn’t know any better. It’s one reason I like ‘fixed price’ shops in Bali. I HATE being ripped off, but equally I don’t want to feel guilty that I’m taking advantage of someone else.

One of the tricks I’ve learned with years of travelling with kids to exotic lands where bargaining and haggling over goods is the norm, is to find similar goods in an established shop or storefront with price tag stickers, and compare prices. This gives me a good idea of what the upper end of the going price might be, and it’s a good measuring stick for me so I don’t go over it.

Most of the time, the going price on the street is way under that, so I try to find a middle ground where we’ll both be happy.

Fair Price is the Best Price when it comes to Bali Shopping Prices

It’s not always about me getting the best price. I’d rather pay what I think is a fair price, compared to what I’d buy at home, even if that means it’s more than what the street vendor expects or will bargain down to.

In Bali, when I want to update my Bali shopping price guide, my go-to shop to gain a bit of insider knowledge is the Matahari Department Store.

It’s also the place I go for a bit of peaceful low-key shopping, when I can’t face another moment of the Kuta shopping haggle. Plus, they have the best range of everyday shoes around and there always seems to be some kind of special sale happening.

There are three Matahari Department Stores in Bali.

Bali Prices Shopping Checklist at Matahari Stores

  • Lippo Mall Kuta.  Level 2, Jalan Kartika Plaza, Kuta
  • Mal Bali Galleria, Jl. Ngurah Rai by Pass, Denpasar
  • In the centre of Kuta Square, Jl. Raya Kuta No.5, Kuta

matahari bali shopping shoes sales

What to Buy at Matahari Department Store

Here’s a list of some of the things you can find in the air-conditioned comfort of Matahari.

  • SHOES – the range is fabulous. Slip on sandals, sports shoes, kids footwear, fancy shoes. Last trip, I bought a pair of shoes similar to Sketchers and now I walk on marshmallows- they are the most comfortable shoes I’ve worn in my entire life.
  • bargain priced clothing including t-shirts, dresses, shorts and swimwear (and somewhere respectable to try it on)
  • souvenirs – do not leave without at least one bag of Cacao Cashews made by East Bali Cashews (warning: one bag may not be enough)
  • beauty goods including perfume, deodorants, shavers, shampoo and conditioner
  • first aid goods and insect repellent
  • all the make up brands
  • sarongs
  • homewares, baskets, woven bags
  • handcrafted goods and dreamcatchers
  • handbags and luggage
  • locally handmade soaps and body lotions
  • Balinese chocolates and lollies
  • a selection of Bali’s favourite grocery items including sauces and noodles
  • laundry goods including everyone’s favorite kispray ironing aid
  • coffee including Bali’s own Kopi Luwak coffee, and teas

Shopping in Bali Prices – Handy Resources

Bali Bogans Facebook Group

There’s also plenty of resources out there to find out how much to pay in Bali. One of my favourite places to ask questions about Kuta shopping on the go is the Bali Bogans facebook page.

This group is filled with 138,000+ people who are (super) passionate fans of the island, and who know the going rate, and where to find everything and anything you are looking for, at the cheapest price.

They’ll tell you how much to pay for things in Bali – what those glass blown fish bowls on natural timber go for, usual Bali t-shirt prices, and how much is too much for a Bintang singlet!

They know who to go to for imitation Kylie (Kardashian) cosmetics, and can give you the heads up on the current fake Mimco Bali price.

Take note of the ‘tongue-in-cheek’ name for the group. There’s a reason it’s called Bali Bogans. Join the group at your own risk. 😉

(But do. There’s tonnes of really helpful information in here, with super obliging people who all adore Bali for their own reasons.)

Exclusively Bali

But the best handy guide for realistic Bali market prices is this one by Exclusively Bali. Their Bali price guide is pretty spot on and similar to Bali market shopping prices I’ve found.

Carrefour Brochure

We also check the Carrefour supermarket’s fortnightly junkmail brochure to see Bali shopping prices when things are on special. This brochure is also a good guide on what to pay for things in Bali supermarkets and convenience stores in general.

Cheap Shopping in Bali

Do remember that Kuta market shopping is way more expensive than shopping in the market at Ubud, Sukawati, the Pasar Kereneng night market, or along the shopping street at Tegalalang on the way to the rice terraces.

These markets also have different things for sale, so if you see cute woven plastic shopping baskets for the equivalent of $4 each, and fall in love with them, buy up big.

Buy 10 even if you only need five. Friends and family will love them too, and no matter how hard you look, you’ll not see the same ones anywhere on the island again.

Note to self – take my own advice.

Best Places to Shop in Bali for Pretty Dresses

A word of warning –  clothes shopping in Seminyak or Canggu boutiques will cost you about the same as shopping in boutiques at home.

$100 + for a dress, or outfit. This is not the place to go if you are hunting for bargains but if you’ve the time and the money to browse for one-off pieces, these stores are definitely worth a look.

The Inside Scoop – Matahari Department Store, Kuta Shopping


  • Lippo Mall Kuta.  Level 2, Jalan Kartika Plaza, Kuta
  • Mal Bali Galleria, Jl. Ngurah Rai by Pass, Denpasar
  • In the centre of Kuta Square, Jl. Raya Kuta No.5, Kuta

Phone Number: +62 21 1500 838 (Customer service Monday to Friday, 9am – 3pm)
Email: customer.service@matahari.co.id
Website: Matahari Department Store Bali

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