24 minutes from Sydney CBD but Malabar Beach might as well be in outer space for all the notice it gets from Sydney locals.

Malabar Beach is definitely Sydney’s best kept secret beach and rock pool, unless perhaps you have a golfer in the family with insider knowledge of the location of Randwick Golf Club on the Malabar headland.

Malabar Rock Pool – the shining gem of FREE Sydney Rock Pools

Shhhh… don’t tell everyone but the Malabar Rock Pool is now our Number One Ocean Pool to visit when we head to Sydney.

It’s easy to park, it’s quiet, the Malabar headland landscape is breathtaking, and it’s super kid friendly with not a wave in sight.

Malabar, named after a ship that shipwrecked off the point of Long Bay

Malabar itself remains a somewhat sleepy, laid-back beachside suburb that retains the charm of pre-boom Sydney when regular families could afford to live by the sea.

We LOVE it here (and visit regularly), and are so grateful that our cousin Brooke and her husband and kids have made this town their new home.

It’s a delight to visit this gorgeous unassuming destination when we are out and about with kids on our family travels.

Want to know where to swim in Sydney? Add Malabar Beach Pool to your Sydney Ocean Pool bucketlist.

We love a good Ocean Pool and will travel quite a distance to find one and try it out, as our boys love a good pool much better than the waves.

If your family is a bit the same, check out the  Ocean Pools NSW blog – they list over 100 tidal baths, rock pools or ocean baths found in NSW.

You can also visit the family-friendly Little Bay Beach just around the corner from Malabar Beach, another protected swimming spot in the area.

Malabar Beach rock pool view

Malabar Beach rock pool staircase

Malabar Beach rock pool PM

Malabar Beach rock pool sign

Malabar Beach rock pool with Roam the Gnome

Malabar Beach rock pool entrance ramp

Malabar Beach rock pool RTG

Malabar Beach rock pool left side

The Inside Scoop – Malabar Beach and Malabar Pool

  • Malabar Beach location is 3r/1 Fishermans Rd, Malabar
  • The Malabar Beach Rock Pool is located on the southern foreshore below Randwick Golf Club.
  • The pool has spectacular views over Long Bay and onto the Randwick Rifle Range. The pool has an access ramp to the pool deck.
  • Cromwell Park is located directly behind the beach where there is a children’s playground and public toilets, showers and change rooms.
  • The beach is popular with families due to the normally calm and quiet conditions.
  • Warning: The beach or rockpool area is not patrolled by Lifeguards or lifesavers.
  • Do not swim directly after heavy rain or flood, as the water may be polluted from run-off, or filled with seaweed.

The Inside Scoop – Little Bay Beach

  • Location of Little Bay Beach is 4R Coast Hospital Road, Little Bay NSW 2036
  • Access to the secluded beach is via a steep timber staircase. Take Pine Avenue off Anzac Parade and there is parking on the street.
  • A café is located in the Prince Henry Centre towards the top of the beach near the chapel.
  • Public toilets and change rooms are located on the timber staircase about halfway down to the beach.
  • The beach is not patrolled by Randwick City Lifeguards or Surf Lifesavers.



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