We love Pinocchio Wooden Dolls

Are you a massive fan of Pinocchio? Are you looking to add to your Pinocchio Wooden Doll collection with authentic and cute-as-pie Pinocchio dolls? (We know. They can be hard to find.)
On our last visit to Rome, we stumbled upon the most enchanting Pinocchio Toy Shop. Imagine our surprise when we turned the corner outside our apartment block, and found a shop selling Pinocchio dolls and toys, and nothing else!
In this Italian Pinocchio toy store, we found:

  • Pinocchio bottle opener
  • Pinocchio door stops
  • Pinocchio fridge magnets
  • Pinocchio clothes hangers
  • Pinocchio musical boxes
  • Pinocchio paperweights
  • Pinocchio wheely dolls
  • Pinocchio puppets
  • Pinocchio picture books
  • Pinocchio stationery and artisan postcards, and of course,
  • Hundreds of Pinocchio wooden dolls in all shapes and sizes

Our suitcase could only fit so much!
But luckily for us, and for other Pinocchio lovers like us, this Pinocchio Toy Store has an online store too. All you need to do is apply Google Translate to transcribe the check out page into English and you can be the owner of a whole bunch of new Pinocchio toys too!


Pinocchio Toy Shop

Click this blue link for the Online Store.





8 Fun Facts you might not know about Pinocchio


1. What does Pinocchio mean in Italian?

The name Pinocchio is a variant of common pinolo (“pine seed”)

2. Who carved Pinocchio?

Pinocchio the wooden puppet was created by a woodcarver named Geppetto in a village near Florence. He dreamed of becoming a real boy. He is a wooden marionette, controlled by wires, not a hand puppet. One suspects the piece of wood Pinocchio was magic as he moves independently and is lively and animated

3. Who was in the Cast of Pinocchio?

There have been tens of Pinocchio productions over the years. Pinocchio first appeared in a cinematic adaptation in Pinocchio (1911), an Italian live-action silent film, directed by Giulio Antamoro but the most well known is the Disney animation created in 1940, voiced by Dickie Jones.

4. How old is Pinocchio?

The Adventures of Pinocchio was written in 1883 by Italian writer Carlo Collodi, making him over 130 years old!

5. What are the names of the main Pinocchio characters?

Pinocchio, Jiminy Cricket, Geppetto, the Blue Fairy, Lampwick (sometimes called Candlewick), The Coachman, J. Worthington Foulfellow, The Stupid Little Boys, Honest John and Gideon, Figaro the cat, Monstro the Whale, Stromboli and Cleo the goldfish.

6. Where is Pinocchio from?

The story is set in a villa in Collodi, where Carlo Collodi had spent his youth, in 1826. This villa is now named Villa Pinocchio.

7. Why does Pinocchio’s nose grow?

His nose grows whenever he tells a lie. But more interestingly, it is made smaller again when the Blue Fairy summons woodpeckers to peck it back to normal when she is convinced he has learned his lesson.

8. What is the theme song of Pinocchio?

When You Wish Upon a Star, sung by Cliff Edwards in the Disney film.

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