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Inside: Everything you need to know about Family Mart Japan Food & Japanese Convenience Store snacks. 

Our pick of “konbini store” is Family Mart Japan.

Find a Family Mart convenience store in Japan on just about every corner in cities, and on every second one in rural areas.

Look out for this sign konbini (written in Japanese as コンビニ).

The Konbini Family Mart is a lifesaver.

Their (FREE) public restrooms are clean, the shop assistants are always helpful, and there’s nearly always an ATM machine that takes your travel money card.

But the best thing of all is the Japanese Konbini FOOD (and the huge selection of the best candies from Japan!).

The Japanese convenience store menu is tasty, fresh, plentiful, and cheap to boot.

You’ll never run of out Japanese food options at Family Mart store for breakfast, lunch, dinner or anytime hungry tummies are grumbling.

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image - japan family mart by hans-johnson flickr

Image credit: Hans-Johnson via Flickr CC BY ND 2.0

Guide to Family Mart Japan Food 

Save money in Japan buying Japanese konbini snacks & food at Family Mart Japan Store. 

Seriously, you can travel the whole of Japan on a budget by eating the best Konbini food here.

The Family Mart Japanese food is real food, just like home, and freshly made (unlike the food on offer at most of the convenience stores we’ve visited elsewhere in the world) 

And there are plenty of options for adults and kids alike.

Hot meals and snacks are SUPER DOOPER cheap Konbini food Japan style too!

HOT TIP: Book the Popular Skip the Line Tour to the Tokyo Skytree, with lunch at Sky Restaurant 634. 

japanese convenience store food shop family mart exterior pic by Lerk

Image credit: Lerk via wikimedia commons CC BY-SA 4.0

Japan Family Mart Products on a Budget

Convenience Stores in Japan are the home of budget friendly food for family travel.

You  can also buy Japanese snack foods here to save money when you need to pass through a place (aka travel budget killers) where food prices are exorbitant and choices limited. 

You know the places:

  • Buying expensive drinks and meals from the cafe or meal cart on train trips
  • Same on Shinkansen long-distance journeys
  • Travelling to and from the airport
  • At the airport.
  • Theme parks
  • Concerts
  • Ticketed events

In Japan, you can overcome travel budget stress and say no to excessively high prices by stopping in at Family Mart on your way and stocking up with real food choices.

What is the Family Mart Food Price? 


Onigiri rice balls cost around 120 yen (that’s around $1 US per piece! Unheard of for a healthy snack from a convenience store)

Family Mart bentos start from around 600 to 1100 yen ( $6 to $10 USD per healthy, freshly made konbini bento meal)

Delicious Family Mart Sandwiches come in between 200 – 350 yen each, depending on the filling. 

A small individual Family Mart dessert can be found for around 200 – 300 yen each!  

what you can buy at family mart japanese convenience store in tokyo - japanese candy pic

What to buy in Family Mart? 

Wondering what you can buy at Family Mart Convenience Store in Japan?

Family Mart is one of the largest chains of convenience stores in Japan, and as such, has become a hub for everything a local or traveller could need.

Here’s a list of the Family Mart must try Japanese convenience store food that don’t break the bank, while still tasting like fresh food.

These Family Mart food items aren’t the only thing in the shop, so be sure to read the whole article to find out what to buy at Family Mart! 

FUN ALERT: Book a Tokyo Secret Food Tour for 3 hours of delicious fun 

PIN 1 - japanese convenience store family mart - hot food stand pic


No.1: Family Mart Healthy Food

At the Family Mart counter, pick up a quick snack or late night feed.

The ready-to-go Family Mart hot food stand on the counter sells:

  • grilled Japanese yakitori (chicken on a skewer stick)
  • Japanese chicken kaarage (crumbed lightly fried chicken)
  • steamed pork buns
  • Fami-Chicki boneless fried chicken
  • beef croquettes

Hot tip: Family Mart fried chicken kaarage is good. Very very good. 

This Family Mart hot snack is top of our must buy in Family Mart list. 

Family Mart Corn Dog? 

You may or may not see a Family Mart hot dog – something like an American corn dog, or pluto pup as they are called in Australia.

In Japan, the Family Mart hotdog is a sausage in a sweet bread roll on a stick, with something to dip it into – sauce or mustard.

The corn dog Family Mart style is not the healthiest but delicious! 

(If you can’t find a corn dog in Family Mart, try 7-11.) 

image - japanese green salad by hiro kokoro flickr

Image credit: Hiro Kokoro via Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0

Family Mart Salad price? 

It’s more common now to find ready to eat Family Mart Salad options too, including:

  • Japanese egg salad
  • Japanese green salad with carrot, lettuce, corn, onion, tomato and Japanese salad dressing (yum!)
  • Japanese noodle salad (approx 400 yen)
  • Japanese chicken salad
  • Japanese coleslaw 
  • Edamame Family Mart packs

The Family Mart salad price starts from around 200 yen to 500 yen.


If you are vegan in Japan, there are Family Mart vegan options too. 

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japanese convenience store food at family mart by erysimum9

Image credit:Erysimum via Flickr CC BY 2.0

No.2: Family Mart Bento Price?

Wondering what to buy in Family Mart Japan for a quick takeout dinner or late night snack after you arrive? 

In the refrigerator aisle in FamilyMart convenience store, you’ll find ready-to-eat Family Mart bento boxes (also called Konbini bento) 

The Japanese bento boxes are a decent budget priced lunch, or early dinner if you fancy an early one after a big day of sightseeing.

A Family Mart bento box is also healthy, and a good option for anyone wanting to eat clean. 

Take your Bento Family Mart packs to the counter to purchase.

Most Family Mart bentos in the fridge cost between 400 to 1000 yen, so a right bargain for lunch or dinner. 

Family Mart’s Japanese-Style Makunouchi Bento costs less than 500 yen! 

The Family Mart bento menu includes: 

  • salmon
  • tamagoyaki (rolled egg omelet)
  • potato croquette
  • seaweed salad
  • simmered Japanese vegetables
  • pickled vegetables
  • rice with seasoning

Bento is top of the Family Mart Famous Food list! 

image - japanese chicken bento by amy jane mitchell flickr

Image credit: Amy Jane Mitchell via Flickr CC BY ND 2.0

The Best Family Mart Food List for lunch and dinner

Next to the bento, you’ll also find Family Mart ready to eat food.

The best Family Mart meals for lunch or dinner include:  

  • Family Mart soba noodles
  • Japanese curry bowls
  • Family Mart ramen dishes
  • Sushi Family Mart style  
  • Inari sushi
  • Japanese spaghetti dishes
  • Japanese tonkatsu bentos

You can also find instant noodles in a cup. 

If the meal needs heating, staff will pop it in the ovens behind the cash registers for you, and provide you with disposable chopsticks, plastic sporks (spoon/fork) and drinking straws.

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seiyu supermarkets onigiri pic

No.3: Family Mart Onigiri Menu

Our all-time favourite Japanese snack, onigiri rice balls are a triangle of rice stuffed with some kind of flavouring, wrapped in seaweed nori paper.

(Some people call them Family Mart rice triangles!)

One of the best things about onigiri Family Mart style is their freshness.

Onigiri at Family Mart is so popular, they run out the door and stock is replenished with newly made Family Mart sushi roll choices more than once a day. 

They are definitely the No.1 Family Mart popular food choice. 

Family Mart Onigiri Flavors

Find these flavors on the Family Mart Menu. 

  • tuna mayonnaise onigiri
  • salmon with Japanese mayo
  • salmon flakes onigiri
  • chicken onigiri
  • miso paste onigiri
  • mentaiko onigiri (spicy cod roe)
  • pork onigiri
  • ikura onigiri (salmon roe)
  • yaki grilled rice balls
  • sekihan red rice onigiri balls
  • Katsuobushi bonito flakes onigiri (also called okaka onigiri – the best!)
  • umeboshi onigiri (Japanese plum) 

Heads up: Watch out for the Salted Plum onigiri (umeboshi), especially if you are travelling Japan with kids 


It’s definitely an acquired taste.

Family Mart vegetarian sushi? 

Try the kombu onigiri (or kombu kelp, simmered kelp seaweed onigiri)

These Family Mart seaweed rolls are a delicious Japanese food for vegetarians. (There’s plenty of Japan konbini food for vegans too.) 

The Family Mart onigiri price?

The price for Family Mart onigiri starts from about ¥110 each.

(Two makes for a cheap lunch or snack.)

How do you eat Family Mart onigiri?

For instructions on how to eat onigiri Family Mart, click below.  

(This video is to open onigiri from 7-11 but the concept is similar) 

japanese sushi family mart

No.4: Japan Family Mart Sushi

The Family Mart food menu also includes your pic of popular sushi roll combinations. 

Again, sushi in Family Mart costs around 150 yen or LESS per roll.

But so popular with the thousands of commuters and customers visiting Family Mart that it doesn’t stay on the shelf for long.

You’re guaranteed fresh konbini sushi, with soy sauce, at ANY time of the day.

It’s why these Japan Family Mart foods are one of their best sellers. 

japanese convenience store bread pan by amy jane mitchell

Image credit:  Amy Jane Mitchell via Flickr CC BY ND 2.0

No.5: Family Mart Bread Menu & Bakery Goods

Do try Japanese bread at least once. 

Especially the Family Mart milk loaf. 

The Family Mart Milk bread is very sweet, and super thick in comparison to bread we are used to. 

Buy it in packs of three slices, or five slices. 

Not a whole loaf! 

Try the Milk Loaf Family Mart style at least once to compare. 

There’s also a whole shelf of delicious ‘pan’ bread variations ( sweet and savoury) in the Family Mart bakery section including:

  • hot dogs
  • long filled bread rolls
  • pizza breads
  • donuts
  • croissants
  • pastries with chocolate or sultanas

Japanese convenience store bread is a great snack on the go! 

family mart japanese convenience store food - bread snacks

Japanese Convenience Store Sandwiches

You’ll find these Family Mart Sandwiches 

  • Family Mart tuna lettuce cheese and egg
  • tuna lettuce ham cheese and egg
  • tuna and boiled egg
  • Family Mart tuna and cheese sandwich
  • lettuce with ham and cheese
  • Family Mart ham club sandwich
  • pork ham and cucumber
  • Family Mart tamagoyaki sando (sweet Japanese rolled egg omelette in white bread)
  • Family Mart Japanese egg salad sando
  • Japanese boiled egg sando or scrambled egg
  • Japanese boiled egg, ham and cheese
  • Family Mart yakisoba pan (yakisoba in sweet bun)
  • Family Mart chicken katsu sando (crispy Japanese chicken or pork cutlet)
  • teriyaki chicken sandwich
  • teriyaki chicken and egg sandwich
  • Family Mart chicken sandwich
  • Chicken breast and cheese
  • Chicken salad and cheese with tomato sauce
  • Shrimp cutlet sando
  • Roast beef sando
  • Japanese fruit sandwich (these are the prettiest sandwich of all)

But you must try Corn and Mayonnaise sandwiches.

Yes, it’s a Japanese thing, and a Family Mart must buy! 

image - tokyo disneyland by romeo-a

Image credit: Roméo A. on Unsplash

No.6: Family Mart Japan Snacks 

Family Mart in Japan stocks the best Japanese chocolate AND delicious Japanese snacks. 

Best Family Mart Snacks for travel? 

These are the best Family Mart snacks for when you are out on your Tokyo day trips to Kamakura or Nikko, visiting Tokyo Disneyland on a budget, or as after dinner treats. 

  • all kinds of fresh delicious pastries
  • Japanese crisps
  • Japanese wasabi snacks
  • Japanese nori snacks (dried seaweed) and senbei crackers 
  • Family Mart chips
  • cheap Dagashi snacks for kids 

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Meiji THE chocolate three flavors

No.7: Sweet Things to buy at Family Mart? 

The best Family Mart chocolate options are: 

  • Pocky in all the flavors! 
  • Meiji THE chocolate bars
  • Crunky chocolate balls

Family Mart sweets make great souvenirs too. 

If you want to know what other kinds of Japanese chocolate you’ll find in Family mart, read our guide below: 

BEST JAPANESE CHOCOLATE – everything you need to know guide

image - yuzu gummy candy

Hot tip: Family Mart Candy

You’ll also find a HUGE selection of Japanese candy at Family Mart.

Read this guide to the best Japanese candies and famous Japanese sweets before you go, and write a list of popular Japanese candy to buy. 

Look out for Yuzu candy, and Sour Lemon Candy.

MILKY candy is a must buy too! 

Japanese Convenience Store Food - dango mochi pic

No.8: Traditional Japanese sweets & desserts

Wondering what to buy in Japan convenience store for dessert? 

Sticky, chewy Family Mart Mochi is our favourite Japanese treat! 

Look out for Mochi Family Mart style like these traditional Japanese sweets:

  • Sweet Red Bean Mochi balls, and
  • three-color dango mochi on a stick
  • Family Mart mochi ice cream

image - family mart dorayaki pancakes

More Family Mart sweets & the Family Mart cake menu! 

The sweets menu at Family Mart also includes: 

  • Dorayaki pancake with red beans
  • Double cream puffs
  • Custard taiyaki 
  • Souffle pudding
  • yogashi (Western-style desserts) like custards
  • sundaes and trifles
  • Mochifuwa pancake
  • Family Mart chocolate bread

You can also buy sweet Japanese bread at Family Mart including the famous melon pan bread that resembles the skin of a rockmelon, which is how it got its’ name.

Take the perfect opportunity to try a green tea-flavoured sweet snack if you can.

image - green tea icecream by francisco antunes flickr

Image credit: Francisco Antunes  via Flickr CC BY 2.0

Best Family Mart Japan Ice Cream? 

Family Mart Japanese ice cream is a winner.

Try Japanese ice cream Family Mart style by heading straight to their freezers.

Ice cream in Family Mart includes: 

  • Papico ice cream 
  • Dars ice cream
  • Pino chocolate covered ice cream bites
  • MOW ice cream bars
  • Shirokuma ice cream shaved ice 
  • Haagen-Dazs ice cream in Japanese flavours
  • Super cup ice cream
  • Azuki bar ice cream with sweet red bean
  • Garigari ice cream
  • Suika bar watermelon ice cream

Try Japanese ice cream AND Japanese green tea in one go, with a Japanese Green Tea ice cream! 

You can buy real soft serve green tea ice cream and french vanilla ice cream too. 

In a tub, it’s the perfect snack for a long shinkansen journey too. 

You won’t regret a Family Mart ice cream splurge. 

japanese drinks shelf pic by jon rawlinson

Image credit: Jon Rawlinson via Flickr CC BY 2.0

No.9: Best Family Mart Drinks? 

It’s hard to choose the Best Japanese drinks at Family Mart.

The Family Mart drink menu includes: 

  • Japanese coffee
  • Family Mart tea
  • Family Mart hot chocolate
  • the popular Family Mart yogurt drink 
  • Pokari sweat
  • Japanese sodas (ramune sodas)
  • Japanese juice
  • Japanese milk drinks

Our family favourite Japanese drink is the Family Mart Milk Tea bottle, a cold and very sweet milky tea in a carton.

I dream of these Familymart Japanese convenience store drinks when I’m away and can’t wait to get back to put my hands on it again.

The Japanese Family Mart coffee menu includes:

  • standard blend coffee
  • Japanese cafe latte (hot)
  • Japanese ice coffee
  • Japanese iced cafe latte

You can use the self serve machine to buy this Family Mart beverage, which is half the fun! 

Japanese drinks at Family Mart 

Hot tip: We wrote a monster guide to the best convenience store drinks list, lots of which you can find in Family Mart as well as other Tokyo supermarkets

Click below to read it: 

Best JAPANESE DRINKS – everything you need to know guide!

hot milky tea from family mart convenience store pic

Hot Milky Tea & Coffee at Family Mart in Japan!

The good news is that this Japanese grocery store stocks a HOT version of my favourite sweet Milky Tea too. 

I can drink five on a cold day!

Most Family Mart convenience stores in Japan also have ready-to-go hot drinks such as coffee in cans. 

Look for the Japanese Family Mart special hot cabinet shelf near the registers too.

The Family Mart konbini stocks Japanese drinks including:

  • Japanese soda in all flavors
  • Japanese lemon soda
  • Popular Japanese soft drinks including Japanese lemonade
  • Japanese Fanta in all the flavors 
  • Japanese green tea
  • Bottled water
  • Japanese sport drinks
  • Japanese juice drinks
  • Milk
  • Japanese peach tea
  • Japanese melon drink
  • Vitamin drinks
  • Japanese carbonated drink
  • Japanese sake
  • Other Japanese alcohol including beer, happoshu, chuhai, shochu and wine.

japanese family mart products shampoo bathroom products

Image credit: Ellif via Wikimedia commons CC by 3.0


Wondering what to buy in Family Mart Japan?

Family Mart Japan products are endless.

Everyday Family Mart Product List

Other useful goods available at Family Mart include:

  • batteries
  • toothbrushes
  • deodorant
  • hair ties
  • sanitary products
  • toothpicks
  • hair dye
  • fabulous cheap clear umbrellas for just a few dollars.

I keep a Japanese umbrella from Family Mart in the back of my car at home, and when it comes out on a rainy day, people ask me where I go it!

Family Mart prices for shampoo and conditioner and other household goods are on par with supermarket prices in Japan, so there’s no need to go anywhere else. 

face masks at family mart convenience store in tokyo pic

Miscellaneous Goods 

  • Face masks for coughs and colds 
  • Telephone Cards that let you ring home (international)
  • Manga comics, newspapers, and magazines (sometimes in English)
  • Medicine, bandaids, blister patches, body care products, toothbrushes and cosmetics
  • A small selection of Japanese toys in some stores

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battery chargers at family mart convenience store pic

All Round Stores

Many Family Marts have in-store copy machines, movie & concert & overnight bus ticket kiosks, and instant picture printers too.

They stock every kind of phone charger, phone battery, pen, stylus, and adaptors. 

Use the ATM inside Family Mart to safely withdraw more funds too.

You can even check into your AirBNB apartment at some Family Mart stores!

Japanese convenience store muji products

 Image credit:  Kyle Taylor  via Creative Commons CC BY 2.0

SOUVENIR SUGGESTIONS from Family Mart Tokyo Konbini

If you suddenly remember you need a gift for your favourite long lost aunt, or to thank your neighbour who has been looking after your dog, pop in and pick up one of these.

Muji products.

The range of Muji products at Family Mart includes:

  • stationery
  • emergency clothes
  • underwear
  • pens
  • work attire
  • shoes
  • make up,  and more.

Muji products are an everyday stylish design for the busy person.

Minimalists LOVE Muji design especially. 

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japanese souvenir ideas at family mart convenience store pic

More Japanese Souvenir Ideas 

  • Pocky chocolate-covered pretzel sticks. A Japanese favourite.
  • Green Tea Kit Kats, plus all the Japanese Kit Kats in a multitude of flavors
  • Japanese salad dressing
  • Japanese Shampoo and Conditioner set (Japanese brands are mind-boggingly good.)
  • Japanese cosmetics and fragrances
  • Family Mart umbrella

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family mart japanese convenience store food shop exterior pic by rafiq mirza

Image credit:  Rafiq Mirza  via Wikimedia Commons CC BY 2.0

THE INSIDE SCOOP: The Family Mart Supermarket

Correct at time of publication on Roam the Gnome. Please check with venue for updates. We apologise in advance if there have been any changes we are unaware of. All prices in yen, unless otherwise stated

Family Mart Hours: Most Family Mart Japan opening hours are 24 hours a day.

Find Family Mart Branches

Find a Family Mart near you:  Click here 

What time does Family Mart close? 

Late, often between 10pm and midnight.

Is Family Mart open 24 hours? 

Some Family Mart stores in Tokyo open 24 hours. 

Check the Family Mart location guide in the link above. 

FAQ: Best Food at Family Mart? 

The best food in Family Mart is definitely the ONIGIRI.

This is the Family Mart best seller. 

Followed closely by the Family Mart bento boxes.

A Family Mart lunch box is a bargain buy for family travel.

For dessert, don’t miss the delicious mochi with sweet red bean and cream. 

No.1: What is the best Family Mart breakfast?

  • Takeaway cup of miso soup
  • Onigiri rice ball
  • Zousui Japanese dish (savory rice porridge) – just add water
  • Ready to eat vegetable sticks with miso mayonnaise sachet 
  • Japanese yogurt drink
  • Japanese milk bread or Japanese pan bread
  • Japanese coffee or Hot Milk tea!  

No.2: What are best Family Mart Collection Snacks?

Family Mart has it’s own brand of Japanese snacks.

Look for the row of products in a white package with the Family Mart Logo, and a clear picture of the snack food inside. 

They are budget priced, around the 100- 150 yen price so are a good snack on the go. 


  • Baby Star Ramen 
  • Crispy pork katsu dried snacks 
  • Sweet cube rusks 
  • Red bean buns
  • Senbei Japanese rice crackers
  • Caramel Corn
  • Japanese sweet biscuits (much loved favorites)

No.3: What is the best Family Mart snack?

That’s not for me to say!

But you can’t go wrong if you buy from the hot food stand on the counter. 

Other Japanese Convenience Stores in Tokyo

What are all the Japanese convenience store names?

Other than Family Mart, the best Japanese convenience store food can be found at:

  • Lawson Japan
  • 7-Eleven Japan (Seven-Eleven)
  • Circle K Sunkus
  • Mini Stop

These convenience stores in Japan can be found all over the country but some are more popular in places than others. 

family mart japan rating by roam the gnome

Toadstool Rating: Family Mart Best Food

We LOVE that we can fill the kid’s bellies up with good Japan convenience store food, AND save money by not buying expensive restaurant meals they don’t eat.

That’s more money in our pockets for Tokyo sightseeing!

japanese convenience store food review


mickey mouse treats in japan konbini by amy jane mitchell 22236887793

Image credit: Amy Jane Mitchell via Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0

FAQ about Japanese Convenience Stores in Japan

No.1: Why are there so many convenience stores in Japan?

Because life in Japanese cities is busy and hectic, and these corner stores in Japan smooth the edges to make life less hurried or hassled.

You never know when you will need a quick bite to eat, a new pen, or a charger for your phone.  But when you do, it’s easy to solve the problem at a convenience store. 

No.2: Why does Japan have this obsession with convenience stores?

Ditto, the above. 

No.3: Is Japanese convenience store food healthy?

Compared to the food in convenience stores in other countries around the world, the answer is a resolute YES.

The high turnover of food bought by customers each day means the food is freshly prepared, and delivered more than once a day to keep up with demand. 

Lots of the options for meals are almost as good as buying from a local restaurant. 

No.4: Are the bento from Japanese convenience stores healthier than fast food?

Yes, the bento boxes and onigiri are just like mama makes, albeit at scale. A Japanese convenience store bento box is definitely a better option than fried foods such as fries or chain store fast food burgers. 

No.5: What foods should I try in Japan?

All of them.

Here’s a guide to the best ones to try.

cute japanese food by udou

Image credit:  Udou via Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0

Looking for More Fun Things to Eat in Tokyo?

Click the links in blue below.

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