Buying Italian Leather Handbags in Rome.

The perfect souvenir or gift purchase when you have kids in tow!

One of the joys of travel is shopping, and shopping in Rome is no exception! There’s nothing better than heading out to find that special something – that thing you just can’t find at home, that super bargain thanks to an awesome exchange rate, a handmade trinket to remind you of a twinkly bright moment in life, something from the culture of the place, an art piece you just love, or one – or two, or three – new Italian Leather Handbags (One will never do.)  Butter soft leather is my kind of bliss. If you are like me, and want to take home an iconic souvenir from Italy, then follow these steps to find the best place to buy Italian Leather Handbags in Rome.

Spend as little or as long as you like in these shops to buy Italian Leather Handbags in Rome

I don’t know about you, but TRYING to shop with my kids in tow on a family vacation can be almost impossible.
I say, almost, as I have found my boys can tolerate my shopping for about 5 to 7 minutes before the whining, poking one another, or the pinch-my-bum-attention-getter-game starts. (Strangely enough, if it’s their kind of shopping – toys or gadgets – their attention span is HOURS long and it’s a HUGE mission to get them out!)
So you can imagine my delight to find THIS street in Rome. Via Francesco Crispi.  (This street crosses the main street, Via del Tritone, but is on the left side of town. Trevi Fountain is on the right side.) The best thing about it is the shops are all in a line, one after the other, with a few on the opposite side of the road. If you have the kids in tow, you can easily dart in and out without having to drag them through a shopping mall or past other enticing shopfronts. There’s also quite a few gelati shops not far away, so you can always bribe them!

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Shopping Rome – THE street for buying Italian Leather Purses and Italian Leather Handbags in Rome

Via Francesco Crispi is a slightly inclined street with four or five shops in a neat row selling all kinds of Italian leather bags, Italian purses, Italian leather gloves, travel goods, coin purses, card wallets, overnight bags and duffel bags. Most importantly, all these shops sell the best shoulder bags – my Italian leather handbags of choice – I’ve ever seen. These shoulder-bag sized Italian leather handbags come in all the rainbow colours for just 15 EURO each! ($22 Australian; $16.50 US).
They are THE perfect, pretty, chic and usable gift for mums, mother-in-laws, grandmas, aunties, sisters, cousins, and teenagers. Confession: I may have bought 9.
Everyone needs a good grab-and-go shoulder bag. They are just the right size to fit your purse, your phone, your keys, AND a toy car or two for a busy little toddler, which is just what I like as a minimalist. I despise lugging the kitchen sink with me every time I head out.


The most affordable shopping in Rome for Leather Souvenirs – Where to buy Italian Leather Handbags in Rome

So, if you are heading to Europe on a family vacation or couples retreat and want to buy Italian Leather handbags in Rome, put this street,Via Francesco Crispi, on your itinerary. Heading straight here will save you loads of time and effort in your search for Italian leather handbags, and the leather here is lovely. I hunted and window shopped all over town for Italian leather bags, including the market at Porta Portese, and am SO grateful for this accidental find on our meanderings.I was so surprised that Italian leather in all forms was not as abundant or as visible as I’d expected but this street saved the day.
I’d rate the shops along Via Francesco Crispi as some of our best shopping in Rome. It’s definitely one of the best shopping streets in Rome for cheap leather handbags and much-coveted souvenirs.

Leather Handbag Shopping in Rome - Do not miss this street! Visit Our Family Travel Directory for MORE SUPER DOOPER FUN ideas for family-friendly weekend adventures and travel with kids, all over the world. Search by city. Rated by kids and our travelling Gnome.

The Inside Scoop

Correct at time of publication. Please check with venue for updates.

Opening Hours – Via Francesco Crispi Shopping Street in Rome:

  • 10am to close of business. (Varies by shop)

Location and Map:

Address: Via Francesco Crispi


Travel Options to the Best Shopping Street in Rome:

Via Francesco Crispi map for Italian Leather Handbags in Rome - Visit Our Family Travel Directory for MORE SUPER DOOPER FUN ideas for family-friendly weekend adventures and travel with kids, all over the world. Search by city. Rated by kids and our travelling Gnome.

On foot

  • 10 minutes walk from the Trevi Fountain (see Walking Map above.)

By Metro

  • Metro Line A (Barberini Stop) from Termini Railway Central Station

By Bus

  • Catch the bus to Via Del Tritone, Trevi Fountain stop and walk west.

By Taxi or Uber

  • Via Francesco Crispi is easily accessible by taxi or uber.


Toadstool Rating.



italian leather handbags in rome porta pinciana


PS: Make use of THIS excellent bribe for extra shopping time – Villa Borghese Gardens!

This is one place a kid-bribe works. Make a deal with the kids – if they give you 30 minutes to do your Italian leather handbag shopping in relative peace, you’ll take them up the hill to visit the awesome park Villa Borghese. It’s just a 10 minute walk continuing straight up the hill. You can’t miss it but it’s one of Rome’s undiscovered secrets for families on vacation.
Villa Borghese tops our list of unexpectedly SUPER FUN places to visit with kids in Rome. There’s so much to do.To get there from here, just follow Via Francesco Crispi up the hill and veer right onto Via Di Porta Pinciana (you can’t go wrong… just keep walking). Go under the archway and out the other side, you’ll see the entrance to the park. (As in picture above, right side of the entrance gates).
There’s a playground, pony rides, helium balloons, a children’s train, paths to explore and grass to roll on, a cinema, an outdoor games parlour (yes… those old fashioned ones from our childhood!) AND something else that is so much fun, I don’t want to spoil the surprise. You’ll just have to go yourselves, or check out our Top 10 Things to Do in Villa Borghese Gardens story.

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7 thoughts on “Want to Buy Italian Leather Handbags in Rome? Then Don’t Miss THIS Street!

  1. Thanks so much for the tip on handbag shops.
    I’ve just bought a bag in this street after lots of hunting. We also noticed lots more nice leather shops nearby in Via Sistina

    • Yvonne, I’m so super excited to hear that! And thank you for the tip too. Will add the deets to the post. Hope you enjoy your time in Rome!

  2. Thanks to you both!!! I didn’t take the opportunity to buy bags in Venice then was very disappointed when I got to Rome and couldn’t find any’. Bought 2 at a little shop in Via Sistana just before you get to Piazzia Barberino and then another just across the Piazzia on the corner of Via del Quattro Fontaine. I can go home with great gifts.

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